Max. permissible inlet pressure: 1,050 mbar
Max. permissible outlet pressure (relative to ambient):
200 mbar
Pumping speed: 65 m3/h
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast:
< 0.1 mbar
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast:
< 0.01 mbar
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Eliminate process inefficiencies cause by vacuum.

The new VARODRY vacuum pump series is designed and produced by Leybold, in Germany specifically for industrial processes. Give yourself one less headache, with VARODRY vacuum can be easy, efficient, reliable and dry.

Efficient pumping
The VARODRY rotor design is optimized to provide high levels of efficiency.


Pumping speed
Pumping Speed Curve VARODRY
The VARODRY provides a competitive pumping speed over the complete pressure range and a low end-pressure of < 0.01 mbar. It can operate continuously at any inlet pressure.


Pump-down time (100 l chamber)
Pump-down time VARODRY
The VARODRY provides fast pump-down down to the 10-2 mbar range.


Power efficiency index
Power efficiency index
The effective pumping speed generated per consumed power is a market benchmark for industrial dry pumps.


The VARODRY is optimized for the challenges found in many industrial applications:

  • Repeated and fast cycling:
    The VARODRY offers very quick pump down. The pump tolerates atmospheric pressure shocks and repeated evacuation cycles.
  • Dust / particle handling:
    The pumps screw principle offers best performance to handle fine, dry dust particles without wear. A wide portfolio of dust filters are available if big dust amounts need to be handled.
  • Vapor handling:
    Due to its optimized temperature profile and the built-in gas-ballast, the VARODRY offers a high vapor tolerance, avoiding internal condensation and corrosion.
  • Reactive gas handling:
    Often vapors (e.g. hydrocarbons) tend to react inside hot dry pumps and build-up internal coatings which can cause pump seizing.
    The moderate temperatures inside the VARODRY virtually eliminate this risk.
  • Liquid handling:
    The VARODRY can handle droplets or even liquid slugs as the liquids can flow freely out of the pump.


Improve the efficiency of your machines. VARODRY makes it easy.

Operation costs
Being 100% air-cooled and dry, the VARODRY only consumes electricity, with no extra costs for cooling water supply or oil / oil-filter exchange and disposal. Its low power consumption will save significant operation costs.


Cost of Ownership Example: Composites (wind power plant)


Compared with an oil-sealed rotary vane pump the VARODRY will save >600 EUR operating costs per year!


User Maintenance
The belt can easily be exchanged in less than 30 minutes. The exchange interval depends on the individual application but is typically >1 year. Belt-exchange kits and maintenance tool sets are available.

VARODRY reduces your maintenance and service requirements
With only two wearing parts (belt and bearings), only minimal efforts are required to keep your pump running at peak performance – and improve the uptime at your facility.

Leybold Service
The bearings can be exchanged on site by trained Service technicians. Typical bearing lifetime is >3 years. Complete pump-overhauls can be done in one of the many Leybold Global Service hubs.

To ensure high factory uptime, Leybold offers quick “pump exchanges”. Our back-up pools also offer flat rates for exchanging pumps, thus your production keeps running at all times.

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