Air Cooled: Yes
Connection flange: DN 100 ISO K
Gas ballast: Electromagnetic
Pumping speed: 630 m3/h
Purge module: Standard
Ultimate pressure: 1 x 10-2 mbar
Water vapor capacity with gas ballast: 14 kg/h
Water vapor tolerance: 40 mbar
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The Screw Vacuum Pumps SCREWLINE were developed in view of the special requirements of industrial applications. The innovative design allows these pumps to be used whenever reliable, compact and low maintenance vacuum solutions are required.


Principle of Operation

Screw Vacuum Pumps are dry compressing backing pumps, the operation of which is based on the screw principle. The pumping chamber of the pump is formed by two synchronised positive displacement rotors and the housing enclosing these. Since the rotors rotate in opposite directions, the chambers move steadily from the intake to the exhaust side of the pumps thereby resulting in a smooth pumping action. Since with a single Screw Vacuum Pump rotor pair a multi stage compression process is implemented, the component count in the pumping path is very low. In this way maintenance and servicing work is much simplified.



The direct pumping path without multiple deflections for the medium make the Screw Vacuum Pumps highly insensitive to foreign materials. This ensures a high uptime in industrial processes.
The two non-contacting shaft-seals are practically wear-free, which allows for very long maintenance intervals. Shaft seal purge is usually required in industrial applications. SCREWLINE pumps are equipped with a purge gas supply unit.
Because of the cantilevered bearing arrangement for the Screw Vacuum Pump rotors, a potential source of failure (i.e. a bearing on the intake side) is entirely eliminated. On the one hand, no lubricants from the bearings can enter into the vacuum process, and the other hand also an impairment of the bearing by aggressive process media can be excluded.
A further benefit of the cantilevered bearing arrangement is the easy accessibility of the pump chamber. This innovative design feature allows the removal of the pump housing without time-consuming and costly disassembly of the bearings. Thus on-site cleaning of all surfaces in contact with the medium is possible. In particular, if the processes involved considerable amounts of contaminants this is a significant advantage which ensures a long uptime.
The low exhaust temperature is an important advantage of the Screw Vacuum Pumps. Owing to the design of the screw rotors, a temperature of maximum 100 °C (212 °F) is attained inside the pump. Thus deposits of many substances are avoided which react at high temperatures. This makes the pump unique and many customers, above all from the field of coating, value this highly.
Should deposits form in spite of this, then the easy to disassemble housing facilitates rapid cleaning.
Besides the integrated oil cooling arrangement for the rotors, the Screw Vacuum Pumps are air-cooled from the outside. Here rotor and housings are thermally linked via the oil cooler. Thus, Screw Vacuum Pumps adapt themselves ideally to the ambient conditions under changing operating situations.
A water-cooled version is offered as Screw Vacuum Pumps SP 630 F. This product version is intended for operation in air-conditioned rooms.
The Screw Pumps portfolio is completed through ATEX-certified variants.
Moreover, the Screw Vacuum Pumps portfolio also includes pump versions suited for pumping pure oxygen (O2).


Maintenance and Monitoring

During the development of the Screw Vacuum Pumps, special emphasis was placed on a particularly simple maintenance concept. This has been implemented through the cantilevered bearing arrangement, with all maintenance components and controls having been located on the so-called service side for easy accessibility. Thus, the space requirement which needs to be taken into account during planning has been optimized. The lower space requirement gives the user more flexibility during installation of the pump.
The monitoring system SP-GUARD was developed especially for constant real-time monitoring of the operational status of the Screw Vacuum Pumps. The operating parameters are constantly acquired and processed. This enables the user to introduce preventive actions early enough so as to ensure trouble-free operation of his Screw Vacuum Pumps. The key current operating parameters can be read off from a local display. Moreover, connection to a PLC and remote monitoring is possible. Maintenance of the Screw Vacuum Pumps will generally be limited to a regular visual inspection of the pump and the annual change of gear oil and oil filter. The oil fill ports as well as the filters are readily accessible and can be easily exchanged.
With the aid of a flushing kit (optional) it is possible to clean the pump chamber, while the pump is operating without process. Deposits due to the process can thus be removed effectively and quickly without the need of having to disassemble the housing. Also, cleaning of the air/oil heat exchanger can be done simply on-site by blowing out the heat exchanger with compressed air.



Screw Vacuum Pumps offer to the user a high degree of flexibility. Inlet and exhaust connections are made through universal flanges, respectively clamped flanges, permit simple integration within the system. Through the accessories which are available, the pump can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of differing applications.


Advantages to the User

  • Utmost reliability

    • Protection of the pump through monitoring vital parameters by means of the SP-GUARD

    • Minimum downtimes owing to rapid cleaning of the pump chamber (in less than one hour)

    • Avoidance of deposits through low internal temperatures

  • Minimum operating costs

    • Directly air cooled screw vacuum pump. No need for cooling water.

    • No seal gas needed for standard applications

  • No oil in the pump chamber. Thus no need for disposing of contaminated oil.

    • Gear oil change only every two years

  • Utmost flexibility

    • Direct adaptation of RUVAC pumps for increased pumping speed up to approximately 7000 m3/h

    • Multi-flange for all commonly used pipe connections

    • Flushing kit for constant cleaning of the pump chamber

    • Silencing hoods for a further reduction of noise emissions


Typical Applications

  • Industrial furnaces

  • Coating technology

  • Load lock chambers

  • Metallurgical systems

  • Food processing

  • Drying processes

  • Degassing

  • Research and development

  • Lamps and tubes manufacture

  • Automotive industry

  • Packaging industry

  • Space simulation

  • Electrical engineering

  • Energy research

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